NSF 1810981 Grant Progress

Interaction between genotype and acquired environmental modifications during coral responses to hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, Sep 2019

Expedition 08 · The End is Just the Beginning

This trip marks the end of a great field experiment and the start of the exciting period of sample and data analysis, and integration.

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Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, Aug 2018, Jan 2019

Expedition 07 · Six-month Hallmark and the Mystery of the Vanished Tags

Our six-month sampling is already completed. It seems like yesterday when we travel to Culebra for the first time to start this project and here we are halfway through it.

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Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, August 2018

Expedition 05 & 06 · Quarterly Sampling and Special Visit

From the beginning, these field trips promised to be particularly challenging, but also especially rewarding. Three months ago we out-planted 400 coral fragments that have been monthly monitored.

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Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, June 2018

Expedition 04 · Another Side of Culebra

After several months of work in the reef, it was only during this last expedition that the conditions were right to shoot some aerial footage of our fieldwork sites using drone technology courtesy of FIU’s CREST-CAChE.

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Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, May 2018

Expedition 03 · The Moment of Truth

Our team moves into the monitoring and sampling phase of the project. Once the experiment has been set up, our main concern is the survival rate of coral fragments across sites and depths, as well as the efficient collection of samples.

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Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, April 2018

Expedition 02 · The Challenge

More than 75% of the coral fragments recovered during the first expedition died due to adverse weather conditions. Most survivors lost their identification tags, leaving them useless for the experiments.

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Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, February 2018

Expedition 01 · The Beginning

Six months after Irma and Maria hurricanes, two names now associated with destruction for Puerto Ricans, the struggle of the island and its habitants to restore normality continues.

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