Outreach and Education

Inspiring Students,

Citizens and Communities

We aim to use our research to educate and approach science to the public. We believe in the power of knowledge as a way to engage people into science, inspiring communities and helping train the next generation of biologists.

NSF1810981 Grant Progress · Coral Responses to Extreme Weather
Save Our Seas Grant Progress · Epigenetics in Shark Conservation


We have developed and taught courses for college Biology majors in Europe and the US, from common requirements such as Genetics and Evolution, to specific upper-level classes and graduate courses in Epigenetics, Population Genetics and Marine Genomics. Over the years, we have had the privilege of teaching thousands of students.


Our educational and outreach contributions are periodically published in different specialized media, including journals, books and web resources. Many of these have been released both in Spanish and English, facilitating access to Hispanic students and their families.

Social Media

The age of technologies and communications provides us with resources to share research and knowledge with massive audiences. We want to be part of this revolution taking outreach to the next level: the instant dissemination of real time scientific advances through social networks.

Community Engagement

We want to take science where you are. Either at your local school, at your community center, at your favorite museum… Contact us if you want to have a member of EEL presenting an informal talk or a seminar. We can adapt our contents to engage audiences ranging from kids to seniors.

Education & Outreach Publications

In addition to peer-reviewed research papers, our work constitutes the basis for educational and outreach literature published in different languages and available for specialized and general audiences.

About Evolution: Keys to Understand How Our Genetic Material Evolves

Book, spanish, University of A Coruña Press, Spain. Mar. 2013.

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J.M. Eirin-Lopez

Epigenetics and Evolution

Article, spanish, eVolution (Journal of the Spanish Society of Evolutionary Biology). Oct. 2012.

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J.M. Eirin-Lopez

The Key Role of Histones

Article, spanish, Investigación y Ciencia (Scientific American, Spanish Edition). Dec. 2011.

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J.M. Eirin-Lopez

Unlocking tangled secrets of the DNA molecule

Article, eStrategies, Jun. 2008.

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J.M. Eirin-Lopez


A blog about


If you are interested in evolution and want to know more about what is going on in the field, please, check this blog. No previous knowledge is needed.

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Outreach & Community Talks

Bringing real science close to real people is one of the most rewarding aspects of the scientific method. We strive to bring our work different communities, specially those intimately linked with the ocean.

Can corals survive to global climate change in south Florida?

Earth Week Lecture, Broward College, Pembroke Pines FL
April 2018

J.M. Eirin-Lopez

Epigenetic basis of coral responses to global change in south Florida

FIU Bioseminar, Miami FL
October 2017

J.M. Eirin-Lopez

The epigenetics revolution reaches the ocean

Lunch and Learn Series, Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Naples FL
April 2017

J.M. Eirin-Lopez

Identifying epigenetic mechanisms mediating coral responses to stress

Coral Reef Conservation Program Research Exchange
January 2017

J.M. Eirin-Lopez

The epigenetics revolution reaches the ocean

Ocean Life Series, Friends of Key Largo Cultural Center, Key Largo FL
April 2016

J.M. Eirin-Lopez

Environmental epigenetic responses in marine organisms

FIU Marine Sciences Seminar, Miami FL
September 2015

J.M. Eirin-Lopez

Adaptive response to marine toxins: Epigenetic insights from bivalve molluscs

FIU Marine Sciences Seminar, Miami FL
February 2013

J.M. Eirin-Lopez