Florida International University

Juliet M. Wong, Ph.D.

I am an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biology in the Environmental Epigenetics Lab (EELab). I am interested in mechanisms of plasticity and how they relate to rapid acclimation or adaptation under a climate change context. I am also passionate about inclusion and diversity in research and science education. I joined the EELab in 2019 after completing my Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). I am currently investigating how the long-spined sea urchin Diadema antillarum, an important herbivore within Caribbean coral reef ecosystems, responds to climate change stressors by assessing epigenetic patterns and their connection to varying genotypes, demography, physiological responses, and environmental conditions.

Research Fields
  • Global Change Biology
  • Environmental Epigenetics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Developmental Biology
  • Molecular Ecology
  • Evolution
  • Plasticity
  • Marine Invertebrates